December 2016

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Technical Information Exchange with Chinese Nuclear Power Utilities

JEPIC holds above-mentioned meetings regularly with Chinese Nuclear Power Utilities, namely, CNNC, CGN and SPIC.

This year we dispatched five experts from Japan to China to conduct the meetings focusing the topics below.

1. Date

Nov. 15-17, 2016
2. Main Topics
Utilizing risk information for voluntary improvement of safety at nuclear power plants
3. Presentation
・Current Status of Nuclear Power in Japan after Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident
・Status of Activities by the Nuclear Risk Research Center (NRRC)
・Status of Activities by the External Natural Event Research Team of NRRC
・Recent efforts of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station unit 7
・Opportunities and Challenges of PRA utilization in Maintenance
・Probabilistic Safety Assessment Application (PSA) in Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant
・The development and application of PSA in Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant
・PSA Development and Applications in CGN
・SNERDI PSA Application and Risk Monitor
4. Site Visit
・ Qinshan NPP (Zhejiang)


Qinshan NPP (PR Center)

Qinshan NPP (Flood embankment)