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International Cooperation

Cooperation with Power Utilities of ASEAN Countries

Cooperation with Power utilities in ASEAN Countries is to hold seminar for power utilities of several ASEAN countries bilaterally or multilaterally aiming at development of human resources for electric power utilities.
JEPIC, in association with the said ASEAN power utilities, has been conducting the seminars both in Japan and in each partner's country every year with the cooperation of Japan's electric power companies. The following shows the transition of the Seminars;

FY1991Commencement of bilateral seminars in Japan for Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand
FY1992-1995Commencement of seminars in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia
FY1998Commencement of seminar in Vietnam
FY1999Commencement of seminar in Japan for Vietnam
FY2001Commencement of group training seminars in Japan for four countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand), instead of individual trainings
FY2005Commencement of seminars for Myanmar (both in Japan and Myanmar)
FY2006Commencement of group training seminar in Japan for three countries (Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam), and seminar for Cambodia and Laos in their countries alternately in association with Malaysia and Thailand
FY2011Commencement of seminars for Cambodia and Laos (both in Japan and their countries respectively)
FY2015Termination of seminar in Japan for the Philippines

JEPIC has organized a total of 104 seminars in Japan with 613 participants from these countries. As for the Seminars in partners' countries, 121 seminars have been held with 5,390 participants from these countries, and 424 experts were sent as lecturers from Japan's power companies, as of the end of fiscal 2017.
In addition, JEPIC conducts an individual training in Japan by request of the partners.

Seminar in Japan (3 times/year)
Seminar in Japan
Number of Seminar Participants in Japan
Number of Seminar Participants in Japan
Scheme of Seminars in Partner Countries
Scheme of Local held at each parter country
Number of Seminar Participants in ASEAN Countries
Number of Seminar Participants in ASEAN Countries
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