December 2017

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JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (JFY2017)
"Advanced Natural Gas Utilization Technology"

Japan Electric Power Information Center (JEPIC) performed a technical training program under the contract with JICA.
The training was implemented under the cooperation of The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. and Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. as follows,

Date Nov.6 (Mon.) - Nov.16 (Thu.) , 2017
Organization Japan Electric Power Information Center, Inc.
The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

Total 11 countries, 14 participants
Bangladesh (2) , Egypt (2) , Ghana (1) , Jordan (1) , Mozambique (1) , Myanmar (2) , Philippines (1) , South Africa (1) , Sri Lanka (1) , Tanzania (1) , Uzbekistan (1)



Outline of the Electric Power Industry in Japan, Outline of City Gas Business, Pipeline Business, Technology for Business, Outline of Thermal Power Generation, Outline of Gas Turbine Combined Cycle, LNG Value Chain,

・Site visit
Sakai LNG Center, Nanko Power Station(KEPCO)
Senboku LNG Terminals, Central Distribution Control Room, Pipeline Technology Center, Pipeline Training Center, R&D Center (Osaka Gas)
Commercial customer's on-site facility (Iwasaki Smart Energy Network),
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Akashi Works