August 2017

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JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (FY2017)
"Hydropower Planning & Operation"

Japan Electric Power Information Center (JEPIC) performed a technical training program under the contract with JICA. The training was implemented under the cooperation of Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (J-Power) as follows,

Date June 21 (Wed.)~ July 27 (Thu.), 2017
Organization Japan Electric Power Information Center, Inc.
Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (J-Power)

Total 15 participants
(Bhutan:1, Democratic Republic of the Congo:1, Ethiopia:1, Georgia:1, Honduras:1, Laos:1, Malawi:1, Myanmar:1, Nepal:1, Pakistan:1, Rwanda:1, Tajikistan:1, Zambia:1, Mozambique:2)



Outline of the Electric Power Industry in Japan,
Implementation and Procedure of Hydropower Development,
Design of Hydropower Facilities, Operation and Maintenance of Hydropower Facilities, TQM, etc.

・Site visit
Toshiba (Keihin Product Operations),
Hitachi Plant Construction (Safety measures in-Plant Education)
Morigasaki Water Reclamation Center
Okukiyotsu Pumped Storage Power Plant,
Okutadami Hydropower Plant,
Tenryu River System, etc.