February 2017

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Seminar in Laos on “Human Resource Management” JFY2016

JEPIC has been conducting bilateral seminar program with electric utilities in ASEAN Countries under strong support from electric power companies in Japan. The purpose of the program is to strengthen their business infrastructure such as technical basis, management method and human resources development.

One of the programs, JEPIC held local seminars for Electricite Du Laos (EDL)& Electricite Du Cambodge (EDC) together from fiscal 2006 for 5 years. Subsequently, JEPIC holds local seminars for EDL and EDC respectively from fiscal 2011.

In cooperation with Chugoku EPCo., Inc., JEPIC and EDL held the 6th seminar in Laos on January 2017, which outlines are shown below;

Date of the Seminar
17th - 19th January, 2017
Seminar Place
Vientiane City, Laos
Theme of the Seminar
Human Resource Management
Mission Members
Three experts from Chugoku EPCo., Inc. and JEPIC
Two secretaries from JEPIC

69 EDL persons and EDL-Gen Engineers attended the Seminar from many regions of Laos. We made the fruitful discussion and share opinion as to Human Resource Management in each country.