November 2016

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JICA Group and Region-Focused Training (FY2016)"Improvement of Maintenance Skills for Gas Turbine and Coal Fired Steam Turbine Thermal Power Engineering (B)"-for Coal Fired Steam Turbine only-

Japan Electric Power Information Center (JEPIC) performed a technical training program under the contract with JICA.
The training was implemented under the cooperation of Power Engineering and Training Services, Inc. as follows,


Date August 29 (Mon) ~ October 20 (Thu), 2016
Organization Japan Electric Power Information Center, Inc.
Power Engineering and Training Services, Inc.
Participants Total 12 participants
Bangladesh:4, Egypt:4, Mongolia:1, Myanmar:1, South Africa:1, Vietnam:1


Outline of the Electric Power Industry in Japan, Maintenance Technology, Coal Handling,

Maintenance Technology Practice etc.

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Coal-fired Thermal Power Station, Power plant parts manufacturing factory (Boiler, Steam Turbine)
IGCC Power Plant etc.