October 2016

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JEPIC Seminar in Japan for Laos and Cambodia 2016

JEPIC has been conducting bilateral seminar programs with electric utilities in ASEAN countries with strong support from electric power companies in Japan. The purpose of the program is to strengthen their business infrastructure such as basic and expertise technologies, management method and human resources development.
JEPIC has invited participants from ASEAN Countries since 1991 (ASEAN Seminar in Japan), and sent lecturers to ASEAN Countries since 1992 (Local Seminar).
We held the seminar for Laos and Cambodia as outlined below;

Date September 22nd ~ October 5th 2016
Theme Efficient Distribution Equipment Planning and Distribution Management Work
Participant Laos 3   Cambodia 3  Total 6 participants
Organization Japan Electric Power Information Center
The Okinawa Electric Power Co., Inc.

Outline of Electric Power Industry In Japan, Overview of Distribution Department, Overview of Power Distribution Equipment Planning, Overview of Overhead Line, Overview of Material Control, Maintenance of Power Distribution Facilities, Power Distribution System Outline etc.
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Concrete pole manufacturing plant, Distribution Material Yards


Indirect Hot-Line work