June 2015

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Technical Information Exchange with Russian JSC Concern Rosenergoatom

JEPIC held the above-mentioned Meeting with two experts of JSC Concern Rosenergoatom (Rosenergoatom) in Japan. The fifth meeting was conducted as a one of tools of technical exchange of information under the MOU entered between Rosenergoatom and JEPIC.

1. Date
May 31 - June 06 , 2015
2. Main Topics
"Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants"
"Radioactive Waste Management"
3. Presentation
(1) Japanese Side
・Overview of Nuclear Power Generation in Japan
・Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plant in Japan
・Radioactive Waste Management
(2) Russian Side
・Preparation for decommissioning and decommissioning NPPs
・Radioactive Waste Management
(3) Information Exchange
4. Technical Visit
・Rokkasho Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities (Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited)
・Tokai &Tokai No.2 Power Station (The Japan Atomic Power Company)

Workshop at JEPIC

Rokkasho Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities

Tokai &Tokai No.2 Power Station